The most charismatic race organiser in the country is back with a downhill event at Porc in the South East this weekend.

Rocking-Rad-Rodeo-Rod "Rodders" Fountain takes up the story:

With all the World Cup and Champs action now over there's a feeling deflation in the air, or a come down for all the old ravers out there.

Thanks to the live feed, DH fans could act like footie fans for six magical Sundays (and one Saturday) and truly feel what it's like to be an drunk armchair supporter of something. But unlike footie fans, who just carry on drinking after the excitement's over, most raggers got way too amped by Warner and ended up jumping on their bikes after watching the race and breaking something.


If you're in the South East and there's anything left of you or your bike after the summer you can use up those last bits of energy and act like the stars you've been watching on your monitor all year by getting down to PORC this Sunday (12th September) for the latest round of Mr Bling's Race Series.

Since you're already online, just Google Mr Bling or if you're reading this in the car on Sunday punch TN11 8DU into your Sat' Nav' and show your support. The weather's going to be warm, the racing hot and the prizes, from Dakine and DMR scorching. But however warm this lot is, the welcome on Sunday will be warmer. So if you've never raced before then lose your cherry with Mr Bling this Sunday.

Who is Mr Bling? Click Bling Bling.