World Cup 4x rider Joost Wichman and Desmond Tessemaker have put together an interesting event, a Dual Slalom and Dirtjump contest in the Netherlands this weekend.

Joost says " The goal of the event is: HAVE FUN, Ride Sleep Party!!! There's free camping from friday till sunday and we have music, food it's a small festival!"

The Bensink Speed & Style Contest 2010 is a mixed event for MTB and BMX riders. Venue is the Bensink dirt compound in Voorst, the Netherlands.

Where: Bensink Compound, Enkweg 53, Voorst, The Netherlands

When: 3rd of July 2010

Who: MTB & BMX riders older than 14 years

Registration fee: pre registration € 17,50 (for both events together), on site registration € 20,-

Pre registration: (speed) / (style)


1x Bensink 1 man gate or € 1000,- (speed contest)

1x KTM dirtjump / Four Cross bike or € 1000,- (style contest)

Bensink SPeed and Style Xplained

There are two seperate contests on the same day and at the same place. There's a Speed Contest and a Style Contest, both are open for BMX and MTB riders. So you can decide for yourself on what kind of bike you are the fastest or on which bike you can pull the biggest tricks. There will not be seperate awards for BMX and MTB! The biggest goal of the event is to have fun with your friends!


The speed contest is a dual slalom contest (mixed MTB and BMX).


Every rider (MTB or BMX) has 1 qualification run to set a fast time. The fastest 32 riders will qualify for the finals.


The finals will be by a knockout system. Riders will go head to head. Every round has 2 runs against the same opponent. One run on the RED course and one run on the BLUE course. The times of both runs will count together, the fastest rider after 2 runs will qualify for the next round. Untill there are just 2 riders left for the big final.


1st place: Bensink 1 man gate or € 1000,-

2nd place: Goody bag (Adidas eyewear, meatfly, Vans, XtasY)

3rd place: Goody bag (Adidas eyewear, meatfly, Vans, XtasY)


The style contest is a dirtjump contest (mixed BMX and MTB).


There will be 3 qualification groups of 15 riders (so 45 in total). Every rider has 3 runs, the best 2 runs will count to qualify for the finales. The 15 best riders will qualify for the finals.


In the finals all riders have 2 runs, the best runs counts!


1st place: KTM dirtjump/ Four Cross bike or € 1000,-

2nd place: goody bag (Adidas eyewear, meatfly, Vans, XtasY)

3rd place: goody bag (Adidas eyewear, Meatfly, Vans, XtasY)

Speed & Style Jam 2009 from BKN Dirt Productions on Vimeo.

Last years event.