Dan Brown just sent me this update on the Athertons training schedule. If you remember they have flown to the seaside town of Rhyl in North Wales for some Winter training. When they talk of 'Cali' they just mean Rhyl.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

The Sun Centre is the where the Athertons are doing alot of their day-to-day training

Here's Dan Browns latest report.

The Atherton's and friends have been training hard out in California with Red Bulls athlete trainer Darren Roberts. Saturday saw the 2nd inter house time trial race. The competition was hot with Dan having won the first round by just 5 seconds over brother Gee. Here's the official word from Darren himself!

Following on from the comedy that was the 10 mile TT, Team Atherton and friends tackled a 20 mile Time Trial Saturday 2nd Feb……. here's the results.

Total Time 10mile split Average Speed

1. Gee ‘The Vulcan’ Atherton 50m 38s 25m 29s 24.09mph

2. Darren ‘Conehead’ Roberts 53m 19s 26m 31s 22.72mph

3. Neil ‘Donny’ Donoghue 53m 22s 26m 52s 22.71mph

4. Dan ‘Stanny’ Stanbridge 56m 15s 29m 01s 21.50mph

5. Rachel Atherton 1hr 2m 37s 31m 11s 19.4mph

6. Dan ‘Affy’ Atherton DNF

7. Ben ‘Baltic’ Reid DNS

Time Keeper – Ben Reid, suffering heavily with a mystery illness and looked like he was about to die.

It was a tough race over an undulating course which saw a first in time trialing, Dan being stopped by the police for speeding! Rumours that the police were tipped off by Gee are as yet unconfirmed.

Rachel cost herself vital minutes by stopping to berate the ’50 who had stopped her sibling, all of which was caught on film and will be coming soon to http://www.animalcommencal.com/