Our web monkey is away today in the big smoke of London, but we thought you might like to get a look at the new–look Atherton team. We'll give you more info later in the week, but here are the main things to note: Obviously you still have Animal and Commencal in there as big players, but now you can add Nissan to that list. Big news really. Dan Atherton was on some kind of deal with them last year, but now all three are 'hooked up'. We also see Oakley and Red Bull in there across all three riders. Gone is Sunline and in comes Pro components for bars, grips, stem, post and seat. "Who the hell are Pro" I hear you ask. Well they are an off-shoot of Shimano. Initially developed as an entry-level range of components for all cycling disciplines, over the last few years Shimano (Pro) have been making higher quality products with professional rider endorsements. Will we be seeing a range of Atherton signature parts in the future? My guess is 'yes'.

So their package seems complete, the only grey area that we spotted was tyres. No decision has yet been made. And of course there is Rachel Atherton and her damaged shoulder. The official team release said this, "The damage occurred to her shoulder nerve during the accident is slowing the recovery process slightly and we are uncertain whether she will make the first World Cup. A consultation with British Cycling’s specialist this week should make things a lot clearer." So not good news really for the reigning World Cup and World Champion. We all wish her well.

More info to come soon...

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

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