Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Marc Beaumont and Taylor Vernon were all rocking the new proto GT downhill bike at rd1 of the Saracen BDS at Combe Sydenham this weekend and picked up three wins.

All were tight lipped on details of the stealth black bikes but Ron at the icecream van said: "It's obviously aluminium...yes two strawberry cones can see the flake ta...wonder if they'll do a carbon version..." while Barry at the burger van pitched in with: "looks like a slightly modified i-Drive to me, I reckon those extra links are just for rigidity you onions thanks...just a bit of Ketchup cheers..." Tarquin at the Sushi bar chimed in with: " Kazunoko and bit of squid please...I wonder if this is an alu version just to check the angles then a full carbon version later, maybe we'll hear more at Sea Otter?"

What do you lot think?

finnish line
finish area
Jet wash
Rachel Northshore Rickshaw