Anne Caro won the womens Mega with a time of 1:07 mins five minutes ahead of second place Emmeline Ragot. But look who's in 3rd, Meggie Bichard from Somerset! I've not heard of Meggie before but woop what a result.

Great result for Anka Martin in 4th ahead of Tracy Moseley in 5th, Sabrina Jonnier 8th and Fionn Griffiths 9th.

Stay tuned for a DirtTV womens Mega video from the Parkins soon.

(Mens event just finished Sven Martin has tweeted the result sheet here, 1. Clementz 2. Vouilloz, 3. Blenkinsop)

1 CHAUSSON Anne Caroline SUNN ( France) 1:07:40.341 0:00:00 A

2 RAGOT Emmeline SUSPENSION CENTRE ( France) 1:12:17.136 0:04:36 A

3 BICHARD Meggie SOMERSET ( Grande Bretagne) 1:18:00.986 0:10:20 A

4 MARTIN Anka SRAM SANTA CRUZ ( USA) 1:18:21.468 0:10:41 A

5 MOSELEY Tracy TREK ( Royaume Uni) 1:19:51.967 0:12:11 A

6 SAUGY Myriam TEXNER BMC ( Suisse) 1:19:57.708 0:12:17 A

7 BRAUMANN Birgit SPECIALIZED-MOUNTAINBIKER.AT ( Autriche) 1:20:30.074 0:12:49 A

8 JONNIER Sabrina MAXXIS ROCKY MOUTAIN ( France) 1:21:38.040 0:13:57 A

9 GRIFFITHS Fionn NORCO WORLD TEAM ( Grande Bretagne) 1:21:39.069 0:13:58 B

10 LAIRD Amy R&R SPORT - RACEFACE - LEZYNE ( Nouvelle-Zelande) 1:22:43.184 0:15:02 A

Full results here.

Here's Sabrina Jonnier's take on the event:

Competing in her first ever Mega Avalanche downhill endurance race Sabrina

Jonnier battled rotten glacier snow and the effects of altitude to finish

eighth in what she described as a wildly fun event.


For current UCI World Cup downhill [2]women's leader and defending champion

Sabrina Jonnier, of Hyères, France, the Mega Avalanche was about having fun and

some great riding in a beautiful place, but she admits that being on the podium

was on her mind, too.

"I know I said I was going here for fun and that I had no goal, but I am always

looking for the top of the podium. I was a bit disappointed with my race, even

though I had a lot of fun," she explains.

But it was Jonnier's friend Anne-Caroline Chausson who would win the 2010 Mega

Avalanche at Alpe d'Huez, France, in 1:07:40 with Emmeline Ragot almost five

minutes back in second and Meggie Bichard 10 minutes off the leader in third.

Jonnier finished in a time of 1:21:38.

Jonnier won Wednesday's downhill race on her Rocky Mountain Flatline DH bike

and then qualified third on Friday on her Slayer enduro bike and many expected

to see her on the podium, but her inexperience on the glacier and the high

altitude took its toll on her in the main race.

"It was really hard on the glacier – we were on it for a good 15 minutes and I

think it's normally just five or six minutes. The snow was so soft and there

was some uphill and flat, and because we could not ride our bikes we had to

run. It felt like a marathon," she smiles.

The glacier is the feature of the Mega Avalanche race, but the conditions were

particularly trying this year.

"It's not what I expected. I knew I would have a hard time on the glacier, but

I didn't know I would lose so much time on it," Jonnier concedes.

During the run on the glacier Jonnier passed a few of the other women, but said

she lost most of her time riding down the glacier.

"I was just going too slowly down the glacier – I was not confident enough to

let out the brakes and go for it. I'm not used to riding in the snow and I know

the less you brake the better it is, but that's easier to say than to do," she


"To make my day even harder, once I got off the glacier I came into a technical

part of the course and it suited me and I got a little bit of my energy back,

then we had some uphill and a long flat section and something happened to me on

that long flat section. I know I am not really very good with altitude and I

started to feel like I was going to faint. So I slowed down and took it easy

– I knew I wasn't going to make it if I kept pushing," she chuckles.

Jonnier was impressed with how fast Anne-Caroline was in the event.

"She smoked it in the snow. I started next to her and I watched her – she was

amazing. She went straight for the snow and was just so fast – she's crazy. She

definitely dominates this race!"

Despite the long runs of over an hour, Jonnier said there was a good atmosphere

along the course with spectators cheering the riders on, making the course fun

to ride.

"Even though I nearly fainted and wasn't feeling very good for awhile I still

had this massive smile on my face."

Jonnier vows to return to the Mega Avalanche race next year if the UCI World

Cup calendar allows.

"It's such a good event and I had a lot of fun riding all my different bikes on

the different tracks. Alpe d'Huez is really pretty with beautiful mountains and

scenery. It is a great place to ride a bike here," she shares.

"Next year I will set up my bike a little bit differently – lighten it up,

because it is really a physical race and there are a lot of uphills. I will

also have to train in the snow a little bit," Jonnier smiles.

Next weekend Jonnier will contest the French National Downhill Championships at

Val d'Isère, France. Jonnier finished second to Céline Gros at this event in


"I always mess up this race, but it's supposed to be really steep and fast this

year," she explains, hoping the new track will play to her strengths.