Alright Butt: Joel Moore, Muddy Bum Bikes

Joel Moore is one of the lairyest (or is that most lairy?) riders in the UK - South Wales in particular. He's riding for Muddy Bum Bikes, blowing tyres clean off, sending jumps, and generally living the life - alright butt?

We all know that one rider who can flick the switch and will well and truly put your riding ability to shame, I think every group of riders has that one guy who does the biggest drop offs or is capable of putting five seconds into your times. In my experience that person was Joel, when I felt my fastest I had this cheeky kid buzzing on Coca Cola putting in big time gaps against me. To make it even more frustrating he didn't train no where near a much as me, he was making all his time in the turns.

Then we became good friends and training partners, if I could learn from his riding techniques he could learn from my training techniques. He is a local legend in the Cwmcarn and the South Wales area, still yet to shine on the World Cup circuit but that time is nearing. See for yourself in his latest edit!

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