The last round of the Alpine Bikes Innerleithen Winter Series. Ruaridh Cunningham was fastest Elite on the day, but check out the mystery rider (Sam Dale?)con the Mondraker at 3.41 with the amazing line through the last left/right berm combo. (See the video at the bottom of Rafi Richardson doing the same "hero/zero" line.)

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The last round of the series turned out to be the most successful of the the three races held over the winter at Innerleithen. With no ice to be seen this time around, no one was going home on Saturday night because of track conditions. In fact track conditions were about as good as they could get for this time of the year with around 2/3rds of the course being dry and grippy. Even the muddy bits weren't thick enough to slow any one down. The track was taped by injured elite "Pistol" Pete Williams who did a great job of getting a good mix of everything in the course, from tight switchbacks to flat out jumps. Everyone from first time racers to seasoned Elites seemed to have a fun time on it.

There were quite a few Elites in attendance for a winter series which was good to see. With names such as Cunningham, Barnes and Braithwate on the start sheet you could tell the racing was going to be descent. In the end though, time wise the Elites show was stolen by the Junior Category. Local lad Lewis Buchanan (newly signed to MS/Evil) came down with fastest time of the day and the series overall in junior. Both he and 2nd place Mark Scott (All Terrain Cycles) beat all the Elites including favourite Ruaridh Cunningham. They may not have been much in front but they certainly will have given the top boys in attendance something to think about. The Elite podium on the day went to Fergus Lamb (Perth City Cycles) in third, Jack Reading (Ellsworth/O'neal/SIS) in Second and then Rhuaridh Cunningham (CRC/Intense) 0.408 ahead in first.


A quick interview with Lew Buchanan.

What did you think of the track? what did you like and/or dislike about it?

I thought the track was amazing. Pete Williams done a great job of taping it out. It had a mix of everything and it was testing your fitness all the way down. It was my type of track I would say. Just a brilliant track, one of the best Ive raced on at innerleithen.

How was your race run? Any highlights or sketchy moments?

My race run was good. Up top I stalled in a turn or so and lost some speed as the course was so blown out and up top was all about carrying speed along the cambers and flat turns. Middle section was pretty pinned, and when I passed the half way point I ran a bit wide on a flat right hander and nearly went of course which lost me a tiny bit of time. But overall a good run and really happy with how I am riding and my fitness aswell.

When is your next race and how do you hope to do?

My next race is this 2010 stundent champs this weekend coming at Ae Forest. I am looking to win the mens catergory and win the overall fastest time of the day. Should be a really good race and I am up for it for sure.

When and where is your first international race of the season?

My first International race this season is in Maribor- Slovenia for the first World Cup. I am wanting to start the WC season of with a good strong result and walk away with the junior leaders jersey after the first round.

What race series' will we be able to see you competing in this year?

Well this year I'll be at all of the World Cups and hopefully World Champs. Some IXS races aswell. I would like to do possibly one SDA and national champs but I still have to look in to that. I am really looking forward to Fort William WC because its a home crowd and there will be alot of freinds there that I know and there will be alot of support. Super exited about that race.

When will we see you onboard an Evil Revolt?

Well you'll just have to wait and see. The bike,kit and setup is going to be unreal!

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