Aaron Gwin smashes the La Bresse qualifying session! On a track that was supposed to be separated by 10ths of a second Gwin put in 2 seconds to second place Stevie Smith and 3 into Gee Atherton.

Some one needs to get the calculator out now and work out the numbers to see what Gwin has to do tomorrow to win the overall.

Regardless of the points needed Gwin said earlier in the week that he won't be riding conservatively come the finals, he'll be out for the win on the day.

Peaty looking good for a repeat of 2009.

Cam Cole back up to speed with a 6th

Spanish national champ Bernat Guardia continues his form with a 9th

Ben Reid 20th (and 4th fastest at the speed trap)

Brook Macdonald punctured in the top rocks.

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