Chris Roberts beamed this info over about a sneaky practise event at the UK Bike Park this Sunday. It'll be great practise for the first round of the National 4x series which kicks off on 4th April.


This Sunday if you want some sneaky practice for the National in two weeks time get signed up for this race.

There has been a lot work on the track with changes on nearly all the track

The first 4X race this Sunday on the new track!

We will only hold the race if we have 25 or more sign ups by midnight this WEDNESDAY - if not it will be cancelled


We need a certain amount of sign ups just to cover the costs of the first aid cover. So it you want to race get signing up. In the event of the race being cancelled we will give a full refund to all those who have signed up. Sorry having to run the event like this but you need a least a certain number of riders to both cover costs and for there to be a race.

Total signed up - 8 riders - I'll keep updating this every day....

Chris Roberts will be bringing his gate down so it will be a bit of a NPS taster.

£18 to enter categories to be announced on the day (depends on riders)

Sign up HERE.

If you require any more or have any questions please contact me on 07540 723254 or hit reply

Best Regards


Europes Biggest 4X Series

Direct M 07540 723254

Skype: chris-nakedracing