Epic Mounts have just released this video where Richard 'Gaspi' Gasperotti shows what their latest 'Orbit' helmet cam mount is capable of doing...

Seem familiar? As you can see below Dirt's very own 'Billy The Web' produced a ghetto spinning helmet cam way back in 2009, and as far as we know he was the first person to come up with the idea. We reckon he's due some royalties! Thanks to him using it at the Fort William 4X World Cup he even managed to get helmet cams banned for a while! Not surprising really as it was also named something like the spinning lawnmower helmet cam of death.

And he even started messing around with a motorised version, although I've got a feeling that like so many of his other wonderful creations it never actually saw any action.


Still, Billy's royalties aside, if you fancy one of these 360 helmet cam jobs then head over to the Epic Mounts website.