2014 Red Bull Rampage - Makken Haugen hits the first big drop

The build has been going on at Rampage this year for almost a week now and we have seen some pretty interesting lines being dug. Nicolai Rogatkin was the first rider to put his tyres in the dirt and from there he just left one thing to do. That was hitting the massive step down and Makken Haugen from Norway took up the task, he says that there aren't many people to ride with in Norway so he is normally the first to hit things. Lining up for the jump he checks his line and marks the take off but when he rolls in he over compresses and ends up sending it pretty much to flat.


His wheel didn't hold up too well and if you check the video then you can see it explode on impact, the tyre stays up but it's definitely time for a new rim before he hits this one again! Rampage is known for it's big drops and technical freeriding but this year the angles are all up. It's steeper this year and the build crews have been harnessed to the hill digging out lines we can't even work out on foot never mind on a bike! If you want to check out everything else from Rampage so far then hit the links here.

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