The Enduro World Series has left Scotland from round two, and is shacking up in Valloire, seated in the middle of the French Alps. If you still don't know where it is, either take geography lessons or have a look at the cheat map below.

Thanks Google.
Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 16.27.06

The racing is this weekend (21st and 22nd), and DirtTV will be out there to catch the action. The Coupe de France, which with my very limited French skills looks a lot like 'The French Cup', was out there last year, so here's the video footage. Whether they're using the same tracks I don't know, but it looks an incredible place to ride.

The weather looks interesting - the Dirt office is currently warmer - and a lot drier. One of the only times Wales can be smug.


Currently says sun and clouds, but it keeps changing by the hour. We'll see on the weekend I suppose...
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After the shake up in results in Scotland, in the Mens at least the French riders will be looking to gain some home turf advantage in the Alps. Nico Vouilloz is back after early season injury and he will want to come back strong after fellow Frenchman Nico Lau was so strong at Tweedlove.

Tracy Moseley is leading the Women's race but she is equal on points with Anne-Caroline Chausson who will be wanting a home soil win. Martin Maes will no doubt be still riding the wave from winning his first ever World Cup DH in Fort William and that sort of result will be in his sights going into this weekend.

The course maps are a highly guarded secret but with the format being a sighting run then race run straight after it's all to play for. Justin Leov found his stride in Scotland with Joe Barnes in 3rd they will both be looking to maintain their ranking in France.

If you missed the coverage from the first two rounds then check it out here.