Speed in the City, Race report - Round 4 Stockholm Cup and Swedish Champs

Report by Mr Jones

The sound of Stockholm was in constant earshot as some of Sweden's best local and World cup riders rode up to lay claim to the Swedish Championship and the Stockholm downhill cup title on Saturday 13th October. All that stood before them was a Napolean track (short and feisty), a baying crowd and roots and rocks looking for a fight.

picture 1
picture 1

Race days are often complicated, with start gates, timings and running orders all having to run seamlessly. So to make it really, really complicated round four of the Stockholm DH cup became a two for one race running symbiotically with the Swedish Champs.

I could go into how it worked, who needed a license, qualification and all, but the truth is it doesn't really matter that much. What mattered was being the first down the hill and several riders must have cashed up their common sense in the qualis as they literally tore down parts of the track!

picture 2
picture 2

Many of Swedens best riders, including the Wallner and the Kangas brothers, of World Cup circuit fame, brought a different level of race intensity and preparation to the qualifying runs than may have been seen in previous Stockholm DH Cup races, but it brought a nice race buzz to the end of the season climax.

Sweden is not often considered a warm and dry location but the lack of rain over the summer had hampered much of the scheduled course building with work on new features only being finalised after some recent rains. As if in definace of being remoulded, and despite some glorious Autuminal sunshine, the course remained wet and slippery for most of the race day practice which put many planned lines and nerves on the edge.

picture 3
picture 3

Two timed runs made up the racing with the fastest time counting towards the final result. The riding in the first run was fast, but many bikes and riders were going sideways with the roots and rocks playing their part and there was a sense that many riders may have been holding off the afterburners in the hope that the elements took some of the shine out of the surface for the second run.

picture 4
picture 4

It was a good strategy as the second run was greeted with a grippier surface and the extra boost given by a swelling crowd which seemed to have found it's voice - as well as the odd few that seemed to have got lost on their Sunday walk and clearly wondered what form of nihilistic bikers they had stumbled on.

Either way the speeds and intesity picked up over the second run with some of the leading riders pushing even harder to find those precious miliseconds on a small hill. Although the rocks and roots did their best to unhinge a few riders it was good to see most got down fast and in one piece.

The results were broken up into the various races and catergories for the day, particular note should go to the new Swedish champs for elite men and women, Robin Wallner and Jenny Rissveds, respectivley, and the overall winner of the Stockholm DH cup, Oliwer Kangas.


Stockholm may not be the obvious choice for a Swedish Championship as the hills will never win prizes for length and stamina. But the work already put together in previous rounds of the Stockholm DH cup showed that Stockholm had the appetite and a great bike community to fully compensate for any lack of length! In all it worked, as on the hill many kids and families saw the best Swedish based talent and DH racing for the first time and by using a well known city center ski hill it all ran smoothly.

The sun has been getting lower and lower in the north and round 4 and the Swedish Champs also marks the end of the DH season for many. Making race days possible is no easy task and thanks and praise need to be poured over riders, volunteers and sponsors (Specialized Concept Store, Cycle Corner, Sweet Protection, Five Ten, Oakley, Redbull, Shimano, POC) alike who have made it all possible.

But the most thanks from all of us who ride our bikes needs to go to Mike Evans and Jonny Johansson for building a race series, and some courses, from scratch and giving us the chance to frighten ourselves senseless! Nice one muckers!


Stockholm Underground Downhill Round 4:

1. Zakarias Blom Johansen - 46.94

2. Ragnar Sylwan - 47.44

3. Herman Ölund - 47.58

4. Anton Lundgren - 50.59

5. Jostein Nystad - 51.27

6. Rickard Frick Larsson - 52.29

7. Martin Stålnäbb - 52.98

8. Stefan Olsson - 53.03

9. Max Nordström - 53.98

10. John Hedman - 54.54

11. Mattias Sörberg - 54.65

12. Teuvo Jussi - 56.11

13. Emil Lindberg - 56.3

14. Axel Jacobsson - 57.32

15. Jakob Dahl - 59.08

16. Jim Base - 59.39

17. Martin Öhlin - 1,01,05

18. Daniel Dimtsas - 1,02,37

19. Pierre Cederholm - 1,02,98

20. Adam Larson - 1,03,30

21. Fredrik Pettersson - 1,04,95

22. Robin Svedhem - 1,06,82

23. Jimmy Viktorsson - 1,09,69

24. Alexi Roberto - 1,10,46

25. Theo Wallmon - 1,13,48

26. Anders Ekström - 1,26,41

Swedish Champs Results: 

15-16  Time
Jonathan Sandberg CFFricyklisterna SWE19971211 52.72
Daniel Bagge CK Master SWE19970516 56.76
Stefan Persson OK Hammaren SWE19760909 49.65
Robert Carlsson CF Fricyklisterna SWE19820325 51.73
Bruce Andersson CF Fricyklisterna SWE19730510 56.69
Jakob Thunell CK Dainon SWE19951109 48.19
Samuel Jakobsson Varbergs MTB SWE19960930 49.10
Johan Geschwind Falu CK SWE19960717 49.81
Calle Lustfeldt CF Fricyklisterna SWE19950612 50.53
Anton Karlsson Ulricehamns CK SWE19960804 50.67
Michael Andersson CK Master SWE19951208 52.20
Björn Karlsson CF Fricyklisterna SWE19950601 53.80
Erik Carlsson CF Fricyklisterna SWE19960317 54.26
Adam Liljedahl CF Fricyklisterna SWE19960213 55.39
Erik Boyd CF Fricyklisterna SWE19960618 56.55
Carl Blomqvist CK Master SWE19960323 56.61
Samuel Hahnsson CF Fricyklisterna SWE19950809 57.29
Mattias Nyhage CF Fricyklisterna SWE19960809 59.90
Oscar Svedling CF Fricyklisterna SWE19960223 1.00.02
Markus Brevenius CF Fricyklisterna SWE19960223 DNS
Senior Women
Jenny Rissveds Falu CK SWE19940606 56.21
Josefine Björkman Kungälvs CK SWE19940224 57.41
Lotten Bergman SMK Uppsala SWE19750227 1.02.43
Paula Palmblad CF Fricyklisterna SWE19861007 1.12.36
Maria Landström Falu CK SWE19840217 1.21.74
Robin Wallner CF Fricyklisterna SWE19880704 43.92
Oliwer Kangas Spårvägens CF SWE19921113 45.02
Niklas Wallner CF Fricyklisterna SWE19900519 45.10
Alexander Kangas Spårvägens CF SWE19900809 45.57
Tim Hedman Sandvikens CK SWE19930501 46.17
Adam Stålnäbb CK Dainon SWE19931204 47.82
Charlie Sandqvist Borensberg IF CK SWE19901227 49.20
Hampus Jonsson Sandvikens CK SWE19940325 49.58
Gustaf Schröder Sundsvallscyklisterna SWE19940605 49.73
Kristian Jakobsson Varbergs MTB SWE19900709 50.01
Björn Axelsson Skövde CK SWE19930306 50.99
Joachim Norén CF Fricyklisterna SWE19941117 55.74