[splitpost intro="true" numbers="true"]Now you've seen our top moments from the World Cup and the Enduro World Series, we take a look at some of the carnage that 2013 is leaving behind, in the form of the biggest crashes of the year. (What better way to start 2014 ey?)


Have you guys seen any better crashes.... or if you've had a biggy this year, tell us about it below! Best crash story gets some Dirt Stickers!

Anyway without further a-do, lets take a look at the first crash in our list...

Be-warned some of these crashes aren't for the faint-hearted.

The wrong turn...

Oops! It looks like these poor guys should have checked the trail before heading down, although we've heard that all involved got away pretty much injury free! This crash is definitely one of the 'holy moly!' worthy crashes of the year.

You're going to need more than a lawyer for that case

This isn't a jump you want to case that's for sure! We give this guy an 'A' for effort though.

Val Di ouch!

This is a pretty nasty crash from GT Factory Racing's young gun, Taylor Vernon. We didn't put this crash in because of the crash itself, but because of the shouts for help coming from Taylor that sends shivers down our spines.

Taylor managed to get away with this crash, but unfortunately he wasn't so lucky in a crash later in the year at Crankworx Europe which left him with a broken back, although it's looking like he's healing up now, hopefully he'll be fighting fit for next season..

Thank goodness someone knew a bit of first aid

This one is not for the faint-hearted, and it really hammers home how quickly things can go horrendously wrong, just from a relatively small crash.

Luckily Cedric seems to be recovering quite well judging by his instagram post earlier this week.

Third time lucky?

Sometimes you've got to know when to say, I'm not doing that again, luckily this was no exception and before Mark hurt himself badly he decided to call it quits.

So there you have it! Our Top 5 crashes from 2013, hopefully we won't see anywhere near as nasty crashes in the coming year.

Feel free to post crash videos you think that should have made it into our Top 5, into the comments below. Also remember, the best crash story wins a couple of Dirt stickers!

Happy New Year Everyone!