Ryan Nangle and Marcel Hunt head up the 2013 Dartmoor Bikes UK team. Graham the UK importer at Slam69 just beamed over news on the lads Dartmoor bike set ups:

Polish brand Dartmoor Bikes, along with UK importer Slam69 are pleased to announce the continued partnership with UK dirt riders, Ryan Nangle and current Dirt Wars title holder, Marcel Hunt.

Both the guys attract a large following in the world of dirt jumping with their regular edits. Ryan as well as being one hell of a cool rider films and edits his own footage, which most times include his ride buddy Marcel.

For 2013 the guys have also hooked up some cool co-sponsors in the shape of Manitou suspension with the Circus Expert fork, which is super-strong, light and affordable.

Kali Protective’s have supplied the guys with Carbon Avatar 2 full-face helmets plus pads.

As well as the main sponsors each rider has a clothing company backing them, Ryan is setup with EZO brand with Marcel on Dynamic Style.

Things kick off in early February with a pre season trip to California for 2 weeks working on some photo shoots and edits. Then its competition time and the 2013 Dirt Wars series plus other jump comps in the UK and Europe they can make. And if that’s not enough the boys will be sorting regular webisode for the coming season.

Marcel taking the overall title and Dirt Wars 2012

As for bikes this year, both the guys have stuck with the same models as last year.

Ryan is on the new Dartmoor Two6Player. This frame has proved to be one of the best sellers for Dartmoor over the last three years, partly due to its price; £189 for 2013 and partly its appeal as a strong, do it all, light play bike.

Both the guys were looking for some new forks for this year and the Manitou Circus ticked all the boxes, light, strong and simple fork, just what you want for dirt jumping, plus the price is within most riders budget.

Ryan has been on the Two6Player for two years now and has nothing bad to say about it. As you can see from his edits and pictures, he doesn’t hold back. For this year the player is offered in two lengths.

Bike caption

Marcel is on the Dartmoor Cody again. This frame is made from seamless multi butted Cro-Mo 4130 steel, which can be slightly more forgiving on those big landings; also it’s slightly shorter at the back end than the Player.

The Cody has proved to be one of the best hi-end steel jump frames around and for 2013 the price has come down slightly, now retailing for £349.

Dartmoor Cody. Photo: Ryan Nangle

Both Ryan and Marcel now run full-face helmets having eaten far too much dirt to be healthy, so many brands were considered but Kali’s Avatar 2 Carbon lid had everything the guys were looking for, good vision, light weight and of course strong.

Photo: Declan Lepage

You can keep up to date with the lads progress on the team Facebook page.

Also hit up: www.slam69.co.uk

And: dartmoor-bikes.com for more information.