It's only a few weeks until the second ever iXS MacAvalanch the full on, mass participation, gravity assisted endurance race.


iXS Spokesman Martin Astley said "We are excited for iXS to support the growth of the Macavalanche in 2012 with a new format that increases the amount of time on the bike. If this great weather increases we may be in for a repeat of last year!"

Good Winter, Bad Winter? I guess the answer to that question depends on who you are! If you run a ski resort then there will be no doubt it’s been a bad one. Glencoe Mountain Resort after successfully hosting the Coe Cup last week (Scotland’s first ever freestyle ski/snowboard event) is now counting the days until the return of the IXS Macavalanche. With diversification on the tongue of every business.

Andy Meldrum from Glencoe mountain resort said “After a very poor ski season the MacAvalanche is expected to provide just the lift that we need. The buzz has already started to build and staff and local riders are already getting excited about this year’s event. Last year’s was the most amazing event the centre had ever hosted. This year’s event with the new two day format promises to be even better."


With a few weeks to go to the second running of the iXS Macavalanche who cares about snow it’s all about the bike action. “As concepts go, it’s a simple but harebrained one" Singletrack Magazine 2011. No Fuss the race organisers will start riders at the top of Meall a’ Buiridh

(Pronounced Meal a Vourie) Glencoe Mountain Resort and the first to the bottom of the pre-designated route will be the winner.

Organised by No Fuss Events, the crew behind the equally mental Fort William Endurance Downhill race, the race will be held on the slopes at Glencoe Mountain Resort in 2012. In 2011 riders were afforded the novel opportunity of helicopter uplift.

No Fuss Events partner Frazer Coupland was recently asked the question would there be a helicopter in 2012? He smiled when answering “No, for those who saw the stress the helicopter caused me and the financial implications if things went wrong it was very nearly not worth it. We listened to the riders and although the experience was mental they wanted more time to ride"


The format for 2012 moves closer to what has been done in Europe for years, the iXS MacAvalanche was and still is the first time a Mega Avalanche-style race has taken place in the UK. 2012 will see rider get a practise session and a qualifying heat on the Saturday and practice and racing on the Sunday.

So what is happening? The weekend of the 28th and 29th of April has been chosen so get it in the diary. The planned format for the weekend is as follows


0800 Registration

0900 - 1200 Lower Mountain open for practice. ( Two Chair lifts)

1300 Heat One

1340 Heat Two

1420 Heat Three

Top Third to grand final on Sunday, second Third to second final, small final for the rest.

Sunday 0900 - 1200 Lower Mountain open for practice. ( Two Chair lifts)

Only the Finals will be run from the summit of the mountain and afford riders the opportunity to ride one of the biggest descents in Scotland in full on, elbows out, no holds barred (with in limitations) mass participation racing!

1300 Small Final

1340 Second Final

1420 Grand Final

The No Fuss view is that for us this is an opportunity to take the Macavalanche to the next level.

Finally will there still be snow? Well as they managed to run a freestyle ski competition last weekend.

No Fuss partner Spook Munro has said he will publicly eat his shorts if there is no snow at the IXS MacAvalanche in 2012.

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