The second most exciting question after "Who won the World Cup?" is "Who is winning the Dirt Fantasy League?!"

Diedre and Maureen have been up all night typing the WC cup results into the 'system' and we now have the results!

We've got a 21 way tie for first place, with Andrew Dyke and his team "AD1" at the top of it. (Ordered by who registered first)

How did your team do? Click to find out.

The winning team selection from round #1 Pietermaritzburg.

Remember you now have TWO transfers to improve your team for round #2 Val di Sole!

Were you too lazy to get your team entered in time therefore missing out on round one points?

Don't worry slackers, we've set up a special mini league for you:


League PIN: 1439

Now all you fashionably late folk can have your own mini league with like minded fans who missed out on the first round. Make sense?

NOTE: The Slackers League is only for folk who registered after round one and therefore have 0 points.

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