The 2011 Halo BDS sells out in hours.

In just 60 hours entries to this years Halo BDS had sold out that's even faster than for a Lady Gaga concert.

Here's what organiser Si Paton had to say:

Would you Adam and Eve it? Entries for the Halo British Downhill Series went live at midnight on New Years Eve and as the clocks struck twelve, it wasn't only the bells that got a hammering.

Sixty hours later and were full to the brim and bursting! We stayed up until 04:00am to answer frantic calls and e-mails regards registration. Tonight they are open again, this timeĀ as a counselling service for hundreds of distraught riders...


Riders from outside the U.K have heard the call and entered from far away as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and South Africa!

A thousand apologies if you couldn't get a race entry, at least you can come and enjoy the whole weekend for free as a spectator as there is no charges for camping, parking or spectating.

Just check out the stacked Elite field, we have left a few places spare in there for the top flight World Cup racers that are still finalising their schedule. What we can say is round three at Glencoe the week before the Fort William World Cup will be a who's who in the World of DH MTB.


Atherton, Dan

Atherton, Gee

Baker, Ben

Barnes, Joe

Beaumont, Marc

Beaumont, Scott

Bond, Alex

Braithwaite, Tom

Brayton, Adam

Brewin, Gareth

Bryceland, Joshua

Burton, Oliver

Callaghan, Greg

Cathro, Ben

Critchlow, Dan

Cunningham, Ruaridh

Dale, Sam

Davies, Emyr

Fairclough, Brendan

Florian, Alex

Gannicott, Arran

Geoghegan, Jack

Hart, Danny

Heath, Harry

Holleyman, Adam

Hutchens, Chris

Illingworth, Bradly

James, Owain

Jenkinson, Stuart

Jones, Ralph

Lamb, Fergus

Laughland, Scott

Lehikoinen, Matti

Machin, Elliot

Maller, Ashley

Maller, Jamie

Mears, Scott

Molloy, Harry

Mullane, Ash

Parsons, Simon

Peat, Steve

Reading, Jack

Reid, Ben

Simmonds, Matt

Smith, David

Smith, Joe

Smith, Robert

Stanbridge, Dan

Thomas, Rich

Williams, Peter

Williamson, Greg


Adams, Monet

Atherton, Rachel

Bartleman, Lianne

Curd, Katy

Dix, Aimee

Gaskell, Helen

Horridge, Emily

Latchem, Harriet

Moseley, Tracy

Newman, Sarah

Reilly, Bex

Stone, Jess

Wareham, Emma

Please note there is no reserve list so stop calling us, we need to go to bed!

Si Paton