New Years News from Scott11

Itʻs been a while since weʻve contacted friends and media to inform them about whatʻs going on with Scott11. After the last races of 2009, we took our time to analyse our first season and to organize what needed to be improved. We are very happy and thankful to be able to announce that Scott11 is going to continue with the exact same partners in 2010!

Also, we are going to engage with the same team of athletes, including european champion Nick Beer, swiss champion Emilie Siegenthaler, french pinner Fabien Pedemanaud, New Zealandʻs attacker Aari Barrett and the swiss fourcross brothers Adrian and Mirco Weiss. Robin Hagen is taking a year off in order to focus on his apprenticeship.


But there comes the big news:

The french government agreed on a deal that letʻs us work with one of their strongest weapons, - the girl on a rocket, european champion Floriane Pugin! Weʻll put Floriane on a Scott Gambler and a Voltage FR as soon as she gets out of the snow, and we canʻt wait to see how fast she can go on our equipment.

Also, we got scary fast swiss junior Freddy Hunziker on Scott11, heʻs is currently training and testing in New Zealand with his team mates Aari and Fabien.

Not so good news from New Zealand are Aariʻs knee injury that will keep him off the downhill bike for another month, and Freddyʻs broken tibia, that needed surgery just about a week ago. Freddy crashed when overclearing the first 45 feet jump on „Big Dream“ in Queenstown.

We hope that both, Aari and Freddy are going to be back on speed when the World Cup season 2010 starts. While the three in New Zealand are working on their shape  n another summer in the south, the rest of the team is using the winter for some different styles of training.

For a few months, mountain bikes are replaced by skis, snowboards, snow shoes, ice skates, mx bikes and quads. This might not be too specific training, but it gets you in shape at least as much. Plus, - it gets you hungry and fresh for the spring, when you get back on a mountainbike.

The team management is sorting out a new race set up that gives our mechanics enough work space and athletes more space to recover in between training and race runs. A new team website is in the pipeline, new staff members are ready for action.