14th Annual Onabike Cup

Britain longest established downhill race is the Onabike Cup. First

contested in 1994 when it was won by Steve Kitchen now of Animal fame! This

year's event is sponsored by Cloud Cover Instant Shelters and Nike 6.0. Part

of the Nike Killing It series. The Rider of the Day wins a Killing it

Certificate and loads and loads and loads of Nike goodies!

Back in 1994 the course started with a flat 300m pedalling section out

through open moorland before joining into the part of the Ashcombe Estate

that we now use. The race finished indoors in the barn with a hay-bale

chicane as you entered which caught Onabike Cup out many very tired riders.

The bikes have changed over the years . Back in 1994 only 4 riders turned up

on full suspension bikes; as they were a real novelty back then; winner

Steve Kitchen was one of those, onboard a Mongoose Amplifier.

The race has been held at Ashcombe every year and was originally a one off

downhill race. Many people were sceptical that we could get anyone to enter

a downhill only race when for a similar entry fee you could race all around

the estate and cycle uphill aswell! The doubters were wrong and a field of

around 140 riders were hand timed by rally stop watches and the times then

manually worked out!

The race was a success and more downhill races followed and in 1996 the

Onabike Cup was the final round of the South West downhill series; our last

race of the year. It is still our last race of the year and has been the

Christmas race at Ashcombe for the last six years; but as Ashcombe is now

too busy to accommodate us at Christmas the event has a new home Avill Ball

near Dunster.

Defending Champion Ashley Mullane, the only man to win the Cup 3 times is

among the favourites to retain the Cup, but with the like of UCI Junior

World Cup Champion Josh Bryceland already on the entry list his work will be

cut out.

The Full list of winners is

1994 Steve Kitchen

1995 Stefan Gleed

1996 Ollie Thomas

1997 Andy Barron

1998 Rich Warner

1999 Symon Folland

2000 Symon Folland

2001 Dan Atherton

2002 Gee Atherton

2003 Tom Tuckey

2004 Ashley Mullane

2005 Ashley Mullane

2006 Ashley Mullane

2007 ???????