This is all very last minute. I’ve literally just driven back to Dirt HQ in south Wales from the World Champs in Scotland (stuck in the Dirt van with a compulsive joke teller and a trigger happy Irishman). One night in my own bed and I’m now here in London scratching my head and looking for covers. Should it be Ruaridh Cunningham or Sam Hill? Lycra or baggy? We’ll most probably make a decision sometime in the early hours…let’s hope we get it right hey.

Fort William was refreshing. Every so often you need a reminder of why you love mountain biking so much, and the World Champs was just the slap around the face that I needed. There was so much passion and genuine love for our sport that you couldn’t help but get carried along by it. The sheer enthusiasm and fervour of the crowd was amazing. It was like no other event. It was great to feel part of something. To be in one place with like minded people all enjoying something as simple as riding a bike down a hill on a load of mud. Ha, it’s great really isn’t it… -Mike Rose.