It's safe to say, Fox have been killing it this year. Their clothing topped our list of the best World Cup kits and their ranges for us mere mortal have been super smart all year too.

With the days drawing in, they have released their latest colourways for the autumn winter season and a rad edit (with loads of bits of Gamble in it) to celebrate. Fox have stuck with big, blocky colours, simple logos and a clean, minimalist look that has been so successful for them all year. We're not as keen on some of the colourways as we have been and the shorts look really... well, short, but the same Fox tech remains, which elevates them above most clothing lines. We've picked out our favourite bits below:

Fox Attack Pro long sleeve jersey

The Attack jersey is always a mainstay of a Fox line and it shares the navy blue and maroon that appears on most of the range this year.

Fox Attack Fire

Fox's winter jackets are simply brilliant. The Fire is designed for the coldest temperatures winter can throw at you and you'll be warmer than a yeti in a sauna if we get another Beast from the East this year.

Fox Ranger bars blue

The Fox Ranger is probably better for a mild autumnal day than a full on winter ride but it's our short sleeve jersey of choice from the collection.

Fox Flexair pant

Skinnier than bulimic spaghetti, Fox's dh race pants have been noticeably tighter fitting than other brands' on the World Cup scene this year and delivered thier riders to a glut of podiums. Get yourself a pair here.

Fox Indicator Camo Mash

Another nice jersey here and a change from the relentless blue and red scheme, it might not stay so white in the British winter slop though!

Fox Proframe Mink

 If you want a helmet to go along with your new kit, this Proframe in updated blue and yellow colours would be our shout.