HT pedals - The Lowdown

Pedal brand HT has been off the radar for many riders, but with sponsored riders such as Aaron Gwin, Lopes, Brosnan and now Jerome Clementz you will be hearing more about them and the HT X2 Pedals in particular. The brand has been busy producing pedals since the 1960s, but HT-Components as we know them now really took off in 2005. HT offer a comprehensive range of both clipless and flat pedals with a quality finish and a huge range of colours to compliment your bike.

As a DH racer who ‘clips-in’, you will see Gwin's YT Tues kitted out with these HT pedals. They are a very convincing alternative to both the revised Crank Brothers Mallet DH and the proven DX from Shimano, both kings of the clipless hill. All three pedals offer a large platform built around their own clipless mechanism, giving support, added stability and quick entry for a skate-style shoe.

"They are a very convincing alternative"

The X2 has DH Race written proudly on its aluminium cage; it may be a relative newcomer but this pedal ticks a lot of boxes. The anodized cage is made from extruded and CNC machines aluminium. Excess material has been shaved away leaving a low profile height with plenty of space for mud to escape through. Five replaceable pins are supplied per side; three at the front and two at the back of the pedal, allowing you a custom fit and feel with your choice of shoes. The size of the cage is a touch wider than the Crank Bros Mallets but the same length, the profile a touch lower too.

_MG_3948 HT Components T1
_MG_3948 HT Components T1
_MG_3953 HT Components T1
_MG_3953 HT Components T1
_MG_3961 HT Components T1
_MG_3961 HT Components T1

The clip in mechanism is fixed to the cage with spring tension adjustment for both sides, something Crank Brothers don’t feel they need on their Mallets. The cleats are an area where HT has given some thought: They have a wide (13 degree) release angle and a choice of models to suit different riding styles. The supplied X1cleats give 4 degrees of float whereas the optional X1F model allows 8 degrees. The HT pedals spin on high quality cromoly axle with needle bearings and DU bushings keeping things smooth.


HT-Components have hit the nail on the head with these X2 pedals. A low profile design with great mud clearance and the ability to fine tune your cleat set-up and spring tension to your tastes.

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