What a bike the Firebird is! There's a whole raft of long travel, single-crown park bikes coming at the moment but the Firebird is our standout pick. Now, Pivot have given us a right conundrum and plonked 29 inch wheels on it. Has our benchmark bike just got better?

This is a totally new frame with a blockier look than the svelte 27.5 version. It loses 8mm of travel, down to 162mm but with the bigger wheels, you probably won't notice. The bike has also grown in reach by about a cm across the range but only by 1 mm in the stays despite the bigger wheels thanks to Pivot's Super Boost Plus standard. 

There's the option to run bigger wheels with a higher bottom bracket setting but I'm struggling to see why you would, 29 seems to be the way to go on a bike that's as primed to rip as the Firebird.

The Firebird 29 is available as a complete bike in eight different configurations from £5,350 to £8,900. The Firebird 29 is available now, in all sizes, at key Pivot Dealers worldwide. 

We'll no doubt be getting a Firebird 29 in as soon as possible for a full shakedown and comparison test with its smaller-wheeled sibling.

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