Here is the first look at the production version of the Santa Cruz V10 29 that will be raced by the Syndicate this weekend. 

With Greg Minnaar out injured, their hopes rest on Loris Vergier and Luca Shaw to bring home the glory and we grabbed the Frenchman's bike, still dusty from testing, for a once over and a few scoops on the details.

The old V10 mule used a modified front end with an angle adjust headset to make the bike work. With Minnaar's two wins and title challenge in the bag last year it was clear that they had cooked a potent brew so this new carbon mould uses the same geometry as that but is just a much cleaner design. The whole frame has been compacted and now has a lower standover which, in my opinion, looks rad.

Loris will be racing a medium with a bit of added reach up front, he will also be running an air shock on the bike's high setting - any lower and he would be picking up rock strikes at Fort William. Interestingly, Luca will be sticking with the coil shock.

The bike is production ready but we don't have an exact confirmed date yet.

Take a look at all the details in the gallery below: