There’s no denying, YT were working from a pretty good base when it came to updating the Tues. If it were a band we’d be camping outside the venue overnight to be first at the barrier the next day. We weren’t the only fans, Gwin himself felt right at home on the old rig, calling it the ‘Gwin bike’ from the get go. He’s gone on to win two back-to-back World Cup titles with five wins on it but in those two years, he’s also learnt a lot and has provided the team with heaps of feedback to fine-tune this ride. Meet the ‘Gwinnier bike’.

It’s purely incremental updates on the cards here for YT as they came from such a place of comfort. In terms of rider position, Gwin wanted 5mm more reach, 5mm more stack and a bit more length in the rear end - easy. There are now sizes S-XXL with 435mm stays on S/M/L and 440mm on XL and XXL.

The kinematic is also rejigged, but only slightly. Using data logged from the team’s shocks in combination with updated hardware from Fox, YT have gone for a slightly higher ratio to begin with and a 5 per cent more linear end to the curve. Put the two curves together and you’d struggle to tell them apart, but the rejigging means that YT stay faithful to their philosophy of giving the World Cup winning bike straight to the consumer. The Tues is still one of the most progressive bikes going though and you can slam in some more tokens to ramp the progression back up if you need to (it comes with two fitted).

YT Tues 2018 Mob Edition spec

Fork Fox 40 Factory
Shock Fox Float X2 Factory
Wheelset E*Thirteen LG1R Carbon
Tyres Onza Aquila
Crankset E*Thirteen LG1R Carbon
Shifter SRAM X0
Cassette - E*Thirteen
Handlebars Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35
Stem Renthal Integra 35
Grips  ODI AG-1
Seatpost SDG I-Beam Carbon
Saddle SDG I-FLY 2.0 Mob
Brakes TRP G-Spec DH
Chain Guide E*Thirteen LG1 + 

It gets really interesting when it comes to the mid-stroke though. Gwin wanted YT to raise the bottom bracket a couple of millimetres for when he was putting the power down. Knowing this was a cardinal sin of bike design, YT instead pumped up the mid for that little bit more support and a sprightly feel. Finally the main pivot and Horst Link have been moved higher and more forward to give 15 per cent more anti-rise, to help in really rough terrain

In fact, Gwin’s feedback has helped in all sorts of unexpected ways. The downtube protector (described as stiff and hard with good sliding performance by YT *wahey*) has been remodelled to protect the areas that most commonly get damaged when he rides, cables have been re-routed so they don’t interfere with race number boards and the bearings are full complement for reduced friction - this is truly a racers’ ride.

The whole frame is now 500 grams lighter with 300 grams of that being shaved in the stays - they've been shaved inside to offer more tyre clearance while maintaining the same heel clearance. Gwin claims this makes the biggest difference when it comes to getting the bike up to speed and that he is now able to run softer settings despite the bike being less progressive.

Gwin’s mechanics have added their own input too. All the hardware is accessed from one side, leaving the other svelte and clean thanks to a carbon shell, each bearing has additional seals to increase its lifespan and a custom cable clamp should make internal routing much easier. For the less experienced mechanic, YT have also introduced a Murphy’s-Law-proof rear axle that can only be loosened at the opposite end to the derailleur.

When it comes to spec, in the Mob edition you get everything Gwin does except he fills up his shock with spacers and adds tyre inserts. There will also be two lower spec carbon versions starting at €3,999.

Finally, is the new look. Of course YT have put in the hours here, if this bike’s development has shown anything, it’s that the details matter. The angles and faces of the 2018 have been replaced with a totally smooth surface. YT say the last bike was inspired by the Aventador, this is more LaFerrari. The shock is also lower, recessed into the frame, cleaner and meaner, you don’t need me to tell you YT have designed a looker here.

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The bike is designed so that it looks appealing through its entire range of travel - not just leant next to a wall or at sag. Check our slowmo from Losinj and watch the path of the linkage, it stays true to the bike’s original form. That’s real quality.

Now for (literally and figuratively) the big question - 29er? YT's best answer, watch this space. At the end of the day, it's probably going to come down to Gwin's call, although he's made no secret of being a big wheel fan. I reckon you should keep an eye out at Fort William.

Unfortunately I didn’t have chance to ride the bike so no comments there but we’ll be getting one in for testing in the Welsh muck as soon as possible. Watch this space.

PRICE: €5,499