The night before my first mountain bike ride in well, let's count 'em...334 days. Yeeeooowwwsers, that's a long time! The foots healing slowly to say the least but I can't wait forever and a little pain never hurt anyone. Stoked is the word that comes to mind but I have a funny feeling it's gonna be one of my shortest rides ever, what with my chicken leg and no riding in almost a year. Just don't tell my surgeon that I'm doin' it or she'll be pissed. I saw here last week and her exact words were..."Definitely not. Not until August at least, maybe even September, the bone needs to finish growing completely before applying any midfoot pressure, and I hope your still not smoking."

"No of course I'll wait and smoking is for losers!", at least that's what I said then; but now after just finishing a beer and a smoke I'm gettin' that funny feeling you get before you do your first break and enter or grand theft auto. Excited. Wanna do it now. Hope I don't get caught but fuck it if I do. Can't wait till the alarm rings at 6a.m. so I can jump on the new Norco that's been waiting in the shed for this very day. I let you know how it goes. Nighty night.