Wisley Trails: The Pizza Jam

Taken from Dirt issue 140, October 2013

As you may or may not know, at Wisley trails we have an arrangement whereby we have to pay for a licence to use the land that the trails are built on. This costs a fair chunk of money, so in order to raise some funds it was decided that it was time for one of those old trails favourites… a jam, but this year we decided to add a bit of a twist. You see there’s one thing that Wisley has that not many other spots do, and that is a pizza oven.

Wisley Trails: The Pizza Jam

A dry week meant that the trails were riding smooth and fast, almost too fast, as I’m sure a few of the guy’s wrists will testify to! The turnout was good, a nice mix of friendly faces and new ones, both BMX and MTB getting their shred on together. World Cup racer Brendan Fairclough even decided to come along for a ride! The atmosphere was pretty chilled, not a big trick fest, just a bunch of trails riders flowing around having fun. Although having said that, Ralf and Jonny were going a bit crazy, riding through the biggest line side by side, something which shouldn’t be possible and little heart–stopping to watch, if either had gone an inch or two off line it could have ended in a pretty nasty crash. Early afternoon and it was time to light the fire and get some pizza on the go. We underestimated the demand a little, and a production line had to be set up, with everything being prepped on the picnic bench and then expertly cooked by Digs, who was knackered by the end of it, there must have been 30–40 of the things by the time ingredients ran out!

All in all I think a good day was had by all and I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that came down and chipped in, we raised about £150 towards paying our licence, cheers guys, much appreciated!

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