A couple of weeks ago I headed out to the sierra Nevada with Switchbacks to check it out for the Guide Book I'm working on. At this time of year I can't recommend it highly enough, blue skies, cool riding temperatures, dust and no bike cleaning - now they're all pretty good reasons to me. It was cool we hit up loads of trails led by the self proffessed euro pikey himself - James Mcknight who impressed me riding flat out and real smooth down rocky trails on his hardtail. For anyone looking to get some good days riding in at this time of year be sure to give it a blast!

By far the best thing I saw out there was the driving - the spanish are well known for being shit/crazy drivers, we were in Grenada one evening to hit up some tapas bars and happened to be stood chatting in front of a parking slot that was tight to say the least. A young lady lines it up in her car, reverses straight into the car behind, pulls forward shunting the car in front - by this point we are stood there pissing ourselves, she then looked a bit flustered so took her jumper of, built up the revs, dropped the clutch and shoved into the car behind for the second time giving it a good solid clout this time before conceding to the simple fact that her car was bigger than the space and drove off! Apparently though In Spain that is what your bumpers are for and looking around the rest of the parked cars - it seems to be true.