It felt good today to ride a bike again. I had a quick session at the trails and felt kinda rusty as my grip isn't the best but it's getting there. 4 1/2 weeks off may not seem like a long time but it has certainly has felt like it as most of that time has been stuck behind a computer!

More annoying than having the time off was how I got injured - I wasn't even riding!

It was at the last round of the NPS At inners, sat evening after sampling the delights of peebles finest nightime establishments and getting back in the van to go back to the campsite when one of the boys threw the van side door shut - with my hand still in the door. Luckily the aforementioned sampling of peebles nightlife went some way to numbing the pain but I knew that when I looked down my finger was either going to be bust or hanging off....

Turned out to be a clean break which meant sitting out the race which I was gutted about as the track was a load of fun. Now it's just about healed so I'm looking forward to getting back on it.

I've been working away on a new UK downhill facility too, which is looking pretty rad, like a tamed down champery! I'll keep you posted on that one with some pics before xmas but it should be open to ride some time around spring.

Hey I'd also like to give a chin up to Dirt rider Rob Breakwell who had a nasty slam recently wrecking his left arm (break and dislocation) - he's had 2 operations and it will slowly get better but look him up on the usual places - facebook/myspaz and give him a shout.