It’s been a busy week so far here in Vigo at the World Cup. I got here last Sunday night. We got cracking first thing on Monday with finishing the 4X. Most of the work has been to get the surface hard, ready for racing. I also had the usual story where I build some stuff, then go away for a while, come back and decide I don’t like some of the stuff I’ve built. Luckily, the digger had been left onsite so we got the driver back in and made a few changes. Riders have started turning up and making some suggestions too, so we’ve changed a bit more stuff. Nothing drastic, just small tweeks.

The weather was sooooo hot today (Wednesday), the track was starting to look more like a sandboarding track than an mtb track. A 200m fire hose has made a big difference. We’ve repeated the watering/rolling/drying process ad nauseum. Finally, most of the track has a decent surface. The moisture in the dirt now means it should cut up a bit too. Adds to the MTB factor and should look wicked as riders roost around the berms.

I’m getting a little nervous waiting to see how this experimental 4X track goes. Comments so far seem good so fingers crossed it rides well. First practice tomorrow night.