As always, Val di Sole provided a monumental challenge and riders were puzzling all weekend. Pierron ended up the victor but with just 0.6 separating himself and third-placed Danny Hart, it was anything but easy. At no point was Pierron the fastest man but his consistency in each sector, never dropping more a second to the fastest rider, saw him through to claim win number three.

Val di Sole fastest lap

Split 1 - 54.322 Hart

Spilt 2 - 61.153 Greenland

Split 3 - 29.909 Shaw

Split 4 - 38.132 Shaw

Split 5 - 30.807 Brayton

Total - 3:34.323

Winning Run - 3:36.788

The track has five splits, the first two a minute long and the remaining three all around 30 seconds. Luca Shaw won the most splits and actually won the bottom half of the track by a significant margin - putting three seconds into everyone but Pierron. Let's dig into the stats and see the story of Val di Sole.

World Cup Geek stats gallery - Val di Sole 2018