Alright dudes. So iv'e spent some time in the Island filming for the sequel to Between the Tape. First of, I was in Scotland for Worlds, then at The Athertons house for two weeks then Brendan Fairclough's house near London for a week and i've notice some things that are distinctually British. Gates - it seems like every track you go into in the UK you have to open a gate. Then you have to close it. British people love their gates. Baked Beans - iv'e never eaten so many baked beans as when I was at the Athertons. Brendan eats a bunch too. On toast, next to eggs it doesn't matter. Radio 1 - back home no one I know including myself listens to the radio. The radio is listened to in desperation back home, like when your iPod runs out of batteries, but over here, it seems that every loves radio 1. It's pretty good too. In fact it's well brillant which brings me too my next thing. The words "well" and "brillant" - well pretty much means very and brillant means good and then you could potentialy combine the two to make well brillant and that's like saying very good. Back home we say hella and sick, which sounds petty retarded when I think about it. Caddy cars - i've had never even heard of those cars, but apparently they're pretty popular. Just look at the Dirt homepage! My car would eat a caddy though. Ha ha. I think that's it. Hope people like my first Dirt Blog post. Oh big time.