[splitpost intro="true" order="reverse" numbers="true"]Get your ears ready cos this week's Thursday Top Ten Tunes are brought to you by wild man that is Josh Bryceland, and it's safe to say that he has easily walked away with the most random song selection award. Will any other rider be able to top these off the wall picks? We've never even heard of half of his choices, so we've either been living in a sound-proof cave or Josh is well into his tunes. We think it's probably the latter scenario and we'd be mightily impressed if any of you out there have heard all of these songs before. If you have then give yourself an award too!

Anyway, here are those tunes...

[part title="David Bowie - Suffragette City"]

[part title="Mac Miller - Donald Trump"]

[part title="The Streets - Could Well Be In"]

[part title="Mattafix - Big City Life"]

[part title="Still City Sound - Something Like That"]

[part title="The Sunshine Underground - Borders"]

[part title="Coconut Records - West Coast"]

[part title="The Sharks - Hooker"]

[part title="Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day"]

[part title="Al Green - Let's Stay Together"]

What did you make of that selection then? All did you know all ten tunes? I bet you didn't!