I have been digging so much in too many spots that I've had little time to ride, blog, clean the house, etc...

So, I will just throw up a couple pics and then I have to go dig in Morgins, PDS.

Here is a shot of Roger the sawmill guy in Morgins. He does everything by himself and he is in his seventies. If I ever need any wood then I go see Roger.

My brother is amazed that Roger takes trees and turns them into boards without any help from anyone.

My new mini DH bike

Testing the new bike with a little fork

Now with a big fork

Chatel during the Mountain Style dirt jump demo

Everyone watching the premier for Kranked Revolve

Claw 3 dropping the start drop on the Mountain Style course.

We shot a couple pics and video here and I will try and get something other than Iphone pics in the near future