Well, after all the excitement and banter, battle royal has been and gone. It was so much fun. The race got of to a normal start for the battle, it was supposed to be like this: the flag would go up for 5 seconds and then drop, as the flag drops then off you go. As soon as the flag was seen everyone just went anyway. I wasn't expecting everyone to go that early so i didnt get the best of starts. After i had worked through a few places i found myself behind danny hart. He was going well on the big 250 2stroke, not as well as his dad though... paul ran about 20 laps cheering danny on from each point on the track, No wonder you were tired when you were riding on sunday paul! anyway after a few good battles and smoking steve, i was relieved to see the checkered flag because i was hanging! Saturday night was off the richter, Two different dj's, Kevin Radical was dropping hard hit after hard hit over by the bonny and the marquee was turned into a drum and bass rave. It all got started pretty early and after mixing it up for a bit with k-rad and throwing a few shapes in the tent i was off to bed because there was motocross to be ridden the next day. as for that i had a bit of a crash and bruised my ribs. anyway im now looking forward to next years battle royal because im sure it will be even better. theres my first blog, maybe its a bit long but for those of you who didnt go to the battle... thats how it went!