we been flat out at the trails over here in california, it was wet a few weeks back so we got in some good digging, it was fun to dig and shape the jumps then go and try them, makes a change from having to wait for them tro dry for a month....anyway....we were at sheep yesterday and affys puts on all his pads, quiet like, and goes and trys a tail whip, he's been trying htem for a while now. him and gee and had been twisting everything left right and centre, it looked cool, affy on his bmx transfering in and out of gees lines, both of them 360'ing int he air at the same time. anyway, put me to shame!

so we got out the video camera and affy took some hard hits i tell you. i was worried for him, but it wasnt long before he got one foot on every time then he nailed it! landed it to dirt right on, perfect it was, we were so stoked, yelling and stuff, bit silly really, but affy was stoked, it was so wicked to see him do it, first time ever, it was rad. then he busted them out all day and it was cool, just as i was going to take brendan home, who'd been hanging out for the day, affy lands clean on his side, no arms or anything, smashed his head so hard, i shit it! but he was ok.....earlier on this dude was there with his dogs, english bulldogs, and they were chasing each other for a stick, one of them launched of the back of a berm and fell like a metre and a hlaf onto its head, it made a massive thump and he jsut sat there for a few seconds all stunned, then shook his head and ambled off. it was the equivelant of us falling out of a real high up window, but again it was fine, so im not sure who is gnarlist out of affy and the dog. to see more about what has been going on and shawn butler at hidden valley go to www.athertonracing.co.uk. dirt rules, dirt magazine and real dirt. rach