After being screwed by Continental airlines, I got to "sleep" on the floor of the Seattle airport. Why do they make it so hard to sleep comfortably in airports? People sleep there all the time, put a few padded benches in. Instead there are armrests everywhere, and metal bars across every smooth surface. I'm not trying to skateboard there I just wanna lie down. Is it a comfort issue or a personal space issue? Perhaps if I wasn't poor I wouldn't have to deal with this. After a 7 hour bus home, I quickly got drunk with friends and things were back to normal. The next day after hours of lazyness, and general idiocy, we made our way to Pemberton at the crack of 6pm. After 3 months of mostly sitting on the beach I was riding like a blind 6 year old girl. This sucked. Kevin and Kenny had built a pretty serious creek gap ( called Voltron ) at the bottom of the trail. This website is not a good place to discuss the origin of the name Voltron. I was in no mood for this on the first day back. Golds; the last member of our crew however, was ready to hit it. After not enough run ins at Voltron he followed Kevin in and went for it. Kevin made it, Golds didn't. He landed his front tire at the bottom of the 3 ft wall that makes up the back of the landing and chest fucked the top of it SOOO hard, smashing his face into top of the landing. Out cold face down in the creek. OH MY GOD!! Top 3 crashes I've ever seen. He came to and went to the hospital for 15 stitches in his chin and a monster concussion. While he was in the hospital we drank beer in preparation for the 3 Inches of Blood concert that night. Even though I've seen them 5 or 6 times it was still amazing and ultra rowdy. I felt like I got hit by a truck the next day, and Kenny got his first bloody nose ever. After 2 more days of riding I'm back on it and ready for summer. I love this place.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Listen to 3 Inches of Blood. Seriously. DO IT!