Last week I was out in Laax, Switzerland for 'The Brits'. Not a Mountain Bike event but one of the Snowboard & Ski variety. I'd been invited out to edit the daily films of all the events, we had three mega filmers capturing all the days action then I pieced it all together each night. Since I was working at night, I managed to get some amazing days on the slopes with the guys at Dirt's sister mag, Whitelines. I even managed to get some nights out after finishing my work at 2am.

It was one of the most exhausting weeks of my life, I slept for over 12 hours when I got home. It was so worth it though, the event was amazing, it's so cool the way you'd be bombing it round the mountain and watch a comp from the lift then head over to watch a bit more before going for a few more runs. The whole week was soundtracked with amazing DJ's too, day & night. One day we had five foot of fresh powder which was the best thing I have ever done!! And we went down a Downhill Bike track while it was covered in snow, It was nuts, I kept thinking I was on my bike and moving my weight etc accordingly before realising I was actually on a board, even rode an exposed off-camber root section, the board cut in well good.

Here's the films I put together from the four events



Big Air