It was -14 here this morning. Good thing I wake up in the afternoon. Negative anything is too cold. It made me think of a time about a month ago when I was in Austrailia. Tyler Morland, Kenny Smith and myself went there for a 10 day tear to the Buchar/Kovarik wedding.

No bikes, no checked baggage, just backpacks. Kenny and I were not invited but were sure they wouldn't mind us there. We surprised them on the street in Byron Bay and it resulted in Claire screaming and becoming weak in the knees.

Every time I go somewhere hot it makes me wonder why we deal with winter at all. We saw all the standard Australian things like snakes and spiders and 'utes and rum in a can (aka knife bubbles in your throat) We got ultra burnt, drunk and more drunk. We ate rat coffins and maggot bags and had a hell of a time. Then we came back to winter. Within a week of getting back I got to take a rocket ship to the top of a mountain. I guess winter isn't that bad if you have a rocket ship.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia