Well I was all set to go to Newport skate park last night, Shaun Bevan had been badgering me for weeks to get down there. Apparently a lot of the Welsh massive have been down there tweaking their skills over the winter. So I washed the mud off the Charge Blender that I've borrowed.... jumped in the Caddy turned the key.....nothing....the bloody battery was flat again. My fault though, the alternator packed up two months ago so I've been swapping batteries every two days. It's kind of like having an electric car. It's fun at night when I've had the stereo on, the heater on, the lights on, the wipers on then all of a sudden ten miles from home I run out of battery juice in the pitch black. I've driven home a few times by torch light. Anyway, it's time to get it sorted.

Oh, another Welshy Dylan Jenkins sent me this video "Taff Wars", it's bloody funny. Basically it's just Star Wars with Welsh accents. Oh and a lot of swearing, so if you don't like the F word or the C word don't watch it.