You would think that after 60 or 70 days here in Central America I would have some good stories. I would love to tell you tales of wild and crazy times. Perhaps one about a dine and dash gone wrong resulting in a 1 hour motorcycle chase that ended in a beast infested swamp. Or perhaps a shark attack while drunk night swimming. Or maybe even a hijacked bus full of gas huffing blind gypsies. Im sorry but none of these things have happened...yet. With any luck in my remaining 3 weeks they will. However now my life consists of relaxing morning coffee, lounging, walk to the beach, snorkel, beach, swim, beer, read, snorkel, eat, home, rum, relax, dinner, movie,bed. Very stressful. I am startin to get a bit antsy to get back on my bike. Its been over 5 months which is the longest break I've had in at least 5 years. I promise in a month when I return to the land of biking and debauchery I will have many tales of biking and debauchery. How do you spell debauchery? Ride fast take chances.