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Today was the first day of summer.

Well, today and yesterday, it felt like it. The sun was out, really out, my windows were wide open all night, the door to the decking was unstuck of its winter gaffa tape and breakfast was had out there, watching affy wacker plate the track to death.

Yesterday, a few mates were up and we rode downhill all day, it was so much fun. All our trakcs are riding so good right now, slightly damp, tacky, so good. The bank was awesome, i conquered both a drop and a road gap that have thus far eluded me, affy set a record time, the jump track is bang on, we dont ride it much so the surface is always perfect, pine-y heaven. Affy wedged his truck on its side on the way down and it is covered head to toe in dried mud now. Its funny. He is mental! We built a new track that is so loose, dont even set me off on the crazy wobbler! The crazy wobbler is good, it is so good that the record number of runs in one go is 3, set by marcus williams, because he is too loose to drive the uplift! Id say the wobbler is a good 5 minutes long, but with the stops that are un avoidable when you are planted on your head, its way longer. I really love that track, there are some way hard bits on it, some tech rock stuff that watching the boys ride is wicked and has made me about 100 times better, when i first rode it there were 3 bits i had to walk/miss out, now only 1, oh heck yes! I cant really explain how much i like it, most people tend to say its too hard to be fun, following stanny down the other day was so funny, i guess if you dont know where you are going its harder, but it was so funny seeing him wobble down, sorry stanny!

So that was that, its not the first day of downhill we’ve done but its the first time it hasnt been actually raining and misty! When we got home we sessioned the track, the first proper session since the summer, it was so rad. Its times like that when i love affy so much, all the effort he puts in, he’s such a darling! So that was wicked, affy rules the track, shame gee wasnt around but he had wisked his girlfriend away to paris for her birthday! i rode my bmx the whole time, our new hardtails are single speed one brake numbers and its taking me a while to get used too, so the bmx is back for now. Im leraning 360s, well i say that, i can probably do about 190!! Still its fun to pretend! Me and affy spent a while on the digger the other day, flattening and hardcoring a spot for the skatepark. We have sacked off the ghetto as it smelled of sheep too bad and so now its in the yard, its waaaay better than i thought it would be, 2 massive quarters to jump box or spine then another quarter. Its wicked fun, we get back for lunch after riding dh and i just jump on the bmer and have a little hop around. So thats another reason why the sunshine is good!
Today, after sprints that nearly had me on a nebuliser, we went to this new track that these 3 brothers, george, harry and bear, last name Belk, built. We know them real good and they are pretty damn quick. Bear, who is 10, is flat out, fearless, sends the jumps and crashes his brains out everywhere! The view from the top, the hill behind moelfre, was amazing. The sun was caught earthside under a blanket of haze and the berwyn mountains in the distance looked unreal. A quick cup of tea and flapjack at their house and we were away to moelfre and it was rad, it was so dry and flat out, the switch backs were so quick and i did a drop that was near on the biggest ive ever done. What a day. me and affy headed home at 7 pm in the truck, roosting bean and brendan in manure on the way out, the view on the way home had me and affy just so in love with life, it sounds a bit lame but the sunset was trapped under the haze and it was such a bright orange, the clouds were actually gold and it was hangin gright above our house. It was wicked. Summer in llangynog rules!

Im sorry to go on but its just been such a good last few weeks, when you know the sun is coming back, its light till alomost 8 now, the lamby kinns are still snowy white and theres so many things going on its nuts! The farm down the track from us has been bought by raymond the scientist. He builds jet engines for a living, races side cars, is building a moto track in the field for his son who races, has ever so slight pikey tendancies and is so dead on. Theres me struggling massive to get the effing cup out of my moto headset thing and he rolls in saying i need to weld this here and rip it out like this. Lo and behold it worked! Not a very usefull chap at all!

Another thing that has raised my sprits is the thought of owning bryn craig. Thats our house name, mummy dear has done enough for us and is flying the nest. Bless her. Its kinda scary but exciting, itll be funny just us 3 here, but wicked cos we’ll be able to do things that we couldnt before, like get a juke box and a dishwasher!
Itll be hard not to let affy just run riot with his shovel and dig up all the garden, cos i still want a nice garden with daffs and rhubarb growing, but if he does then ill sell the dishwasher and thatll teach him!

The other thing in the pipeline is the steven murray jam. Affy raced a national bmx at burnham the other day, (making pro final both days) and marco dellisola was saying that the whole thing with steven has kind of died down slightly. Every time he has a check up, every time he has physio it costs thousands, and his wife is supporting them,kids and all. I guess its natural for things to slow down after the initail time frame, but steven still needs things, perhaps now more than ever. So we figured that seeing as we have a kind of ‘do’ every year anyway, why not have a steven murray jam. So thats what itll be, itll be after the season has finished i expect, or near on. Itll be big time, affy is so exctied, affy know all the bmx boys real good and they are all up for it, so everyone is invited and we gunna raise millions for the old boy!

So thats that, we are away to utah and then sea otter next week, so we best crack on and ride in the slight mud while its still here!
The last thing to tell you is to pay salad fingers a visit on you tube, Probably the wierdest thing youll ever see, introduced to us by my lovely donny. Should i be worried??!! We watch it every day.

Untill next time. You hold a very comforting texture, a pleasure to the tips


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