DUH dn duu dn duh da nuh nuh PANAMA!. In case you are deaf that is the song Panama by Van Halen. As soon as we decided we were coming here thats the only song I could think of. Bocas Del Toro is awsome and everybody should come here. Its hot and beers cost 60 cents. I went biking today. It was on a cruiser bike. On a really muddy road. We did a lot of walking. It kinda sucked actually. The worst part about the whole thing was my Birkenstocks died. They just aren't built for mud and water. They were 13 years old too so I guessed they lived a good life. Its gonna be hard to let them go. Perhaps I'll have them bronzed. Now I have to buy flip flops or thongs or whatever you call them in your part of the world. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the between-the-toe-violation that they bring but I guess I have no choice. Did I mention Beer is 60 cents here? I got robbed the other day too. By racoons. For my sanger. Who would have thought there were racoons here? Not me. Untill I was fighting with five angry hissing ones. Fuckers. I was hitting it with my book and it still wouldn't let go. I finally gave up fearfull of rabies and the thought of people watching me abuse a racoon in a national park. I offically hate racoons.