Photos: Bartek Wolinski, Christian Pondella

It's the nature of judged sports that someone is going to end up unhappy with their score.

Rampage is no exception and "x got robbed" is so cliched it feels dirty to write anymore. Rampage really has put a lot of work into getting it's judging panel spot-on in recent times and we had Spangler, Gulevich, Bender, Jameson, Vink and Kindrade taking up the clipboards this year. Truth be told, panels don't get much more legit than that.

Still, with a mountain this size to cover and on-the-spot decisions to be made, you're not going to please everyone. Some of the riders took to social media to air their grievances about their scored and we've gathered them up for you here.

Antoine Bizet


Kyle Strait

Tom Van Steenbergen

Cam Zink

Tyler McCaul


... And what do the judges say?

Most of the judges have been hunkered down on the social media front but Spangler did have a little nibble on a comment on this Instagram post: "yeah! How many event you judge?? Were you there, do you understand that it's a big Mtn event?? Do even riding big Mtn or just like to make comments! Whatever! Best judges in Rampage history!"

The lesson - don't mangle with the Spangle.