What are your top five tunes of the moment? Animal Commencal World Cup rider Rachel Atherton tells us her quintessential quintet.

''The honey roll''- never heard anything like it, also ''If you want Blood'' -its the song of my memory lane!

AC/DC...they never fail to make me feel incredible, I cant keep still to them.

Chris Rea ''Road to Hell'' (parts 1 and 2!) grew up on it, his voice is mmmm!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince ''Boom! Shake the Room'' Oh lord, oh ooohweee!

Chromeo: ''Bonafied Lovin' and ''Mommas Boy " just dang good tunes. Fancy footwork album makes me dance!

Roxette ''Dressed for Success''...all of Roxette is amazing, grew up on them too, reminds me of going to bmx races.