Had a funny email from Frazer up at www.nofussevents.co.uk it sounds like the locals are running a sweepstakes on who will hit 20 runs this year at the Hope Fort william downhill enduro race.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

I am of course on the fringe of sanity and me and Steve Larkin scared the loonys last year by doing it for kicks on hardtails, guess what, i am doing it again, will show off the race bike next week guess what it's another hardtail, i cant work out who is madder me or those aiming for 20+ runs, could be messy this year, very messy indeed.

P.S. are dirt sending someone to race, just curious like, can jonesy get down in a sub five time ? took me 8.35, i reckon on a sub 8 this year, is jones up for the challenge? proper hard !