Well i was dead busy yesterday, had to hot foot it up to the big smoke, London town, for a meeting with the bigwigs. The meet was all about the web stuff, i passed on your complaints about the layout, forums, this and that. Not sure if it all sank in, or if they will actually do anything about it, fingers crossed we'll get a revamp.

Other news was that some old duffer rammed into the back of my van while she was parked up, shes a write off now, but the hassle you've got to go through to get things sorted is unbelievable. Anyway they've given me a dead posh Merc to razz around in while they're sorting the stuff out. Ive already scoped out a new machine, some farmer dumped it next to the office, its an old VW Caddy, think he only wants £100 big ones for it, bargain. It'll be a bit of a come down from the Merc but, it's got a style all of it's own. Im planning a road trip in her already.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia