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Nine of the most WTF eBay mountain bike listings

Dredging the depths of the second hand market

eBay is great for picking up a second hand bargain if you know what you’re doing. There are a number of pitfalls though. Most importantly you have to be sure you’re not picking up stolen goods but secondly there’s things like this.

These are the kind of bikes you find if you type “extreme” into the searchbar. Monstrosities of bikes dredged up from the inner circles of eBay hell and we pity those who are unfortunate to pick one up. Still, they’re also good for a quick chuckle.


Described as a bike that “gets some serious looks” (no wonder!) This is a Scott FX DH frame fitted with slick tyres for “fast road use”.

With Marzocchi upside down forks and Hope brakes, there’s actually some decent kit on there. We’re not sure it’s worth the £1,000 the seller was asking for though.

Full listing.

Foes Racing 2:1 RS7 (large frame)

If Darth Vader needed to kit out his stormtroopers with mountain bikes then this would be the ride for them. Unusually for this list, this is actually a very capable ride… it’s just a shame about the gopping colour scheme. Who on Earth thought white tyres on a mountain bike were a good idea?!

Anyway, if you fancy it, this beast is still on sale. Have a look here.


Custom Build Unique Folding Downhill Mountain Bike ( Compact dirt bike)

This is apparently a unique bike (we wonder why no more were made…) and has been constructed with 20 inch wheels and BMX components. It’s apparently the toughest downhill bike the seller has used with a folding frame. Sold.

Full listing.

Ride and Fun – born to ride a GENESIS bike (Sampler)

Have you got a Genesis bike? Well, then this could be the stocking filler for you. The page is in Polish, so we don’t actually know what’s on the CD but for €3 can you really go wrong?

Full listing

M55 Terminus Bicep Limited Edition Ebike

Well here’s the ebike it’s ok to hate because it’s definitely not an ebike. A 2000 W motor can get this Mad Maxian machine up to 40mph without any input from the rider, so if you want a toy that’s definitely not allowed anywhere near the trails then pick this up for a cool £16k.

Full listing

kona stinky downhill double chain bike

We’ve spent a long time looking at this bike and we are no closer to understanding what’s going on. Someone clearly did though as they shelled 650 quid on it. Brave.

Full listing.

Klein Mantra race full Suspension mountain bike MTB downhill retro 1998

You may have heard the main gripe with Klein Mantras (and URT bikes generally, is that they didn’t descend particularly well. Maybe to compensate, this guy fitted his with RockShox Judy Dual clamp fork. We hope for the sake of whoever bought this that it worked.

Full listing.

BMX Bike Bicycle SuperRad Extreme 2000

Looks like nothing special on the outside right? Wait until you read the description:

“This is a max wicked sick BMX. It’s a Reliance Boomerang and it’s done heaps of maximum extreme stunts. I have mostly done stunts on this bike since forever. Once I did a boom gnarly stunt trick on it and a girl got pregnant just by watching my extremeness to the maxxxx. Some details about sickmax BMX: Comes with everything you see including: TOPS AS SUSPENSION REAR FORKS!! 2 x wheels 1 x seat I will even thrown my sick BMXing name for FREE – Wicked Styx.

“Basically, it’s an old BMX, but it’s radness is still 100% in tact. Tricks I have done on this BMX: Endos – 234. Sick Wheelies – 687. Skids – 143,000. Bunny Hops – 2 (my brother dared me to do them, which I did because I’m Rad to the power of Sick). Flipouts – 28. Basically if you buy this bike you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worldwide, because you will be awesome. Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t mind.”

And now for the good stuff:

Shaun Palmer’s 1999 World Champs Specialized FSR

This is the real deal, 100 per cent legit and sold by the man himself. One very lucky punter got his hands on Shaun Palmer’s TLD painted Specialized FSR from the 1999 Åre World Champs.

Unfortunately the listing has now been deleted so we don’t know how much this piece of history went for, but we imagine it wasn’t cheap!


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